Recently I came across a video posted by Bethel, a church here in California. The video was titled “Words You Don’t Hear God Say.” This three minute video touched my heart so deeply and connected me to truth. I feel led to share one of the examples with you all:

Words You Don’t Hear God Say

  • “I expected you to do better”

God knows all things. What I was taught as a child was this: God knows what you are going to do, before you do it. He knows what you are going to think, before you think it. God gives us two paths to choose from; the right path and the wrong path. God knows which path we will choose when we are presented with the decision. The enemy is going to attack us no matter the path we choose. Personally, I feel the enemy attacks with more force when I choose the right path. Thankfully as Christians, we have a God that is the Ultimate Encourager! 

God doesn’t expect us to measure up. If He thought we could, He wouldn’t have sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins. There is always going to be a gap between His perfection and our sinfulness. You have to put your faith in Him, receive Him into your life. You are precious in His eyes. You are His, and He loves you unconditionally despite of that gap. 

This is dedicated to the girl who hasn’t yet realized she a princess, her Father is the King of Kings! Straighten that crown, princess, and walk away like a boss. 



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