There is a day every year I will always dread, Mother’s Day. 

  March of this year I was making the long trip from California to Oklahoma. I couldn’t figure out why I was so car sick, it usually isn’t too bad. Well, two days after I got to Oklahoma my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby! The excitement we felt was incredible, the love we felt for our baby was incredible, and the thought of our dream coming true was unreal. We shared our happy news with family and a few close friends, but the happiness we felt soon turned to loss and pain. At 5 weeks, we lost our sweet baby. We didn’t want to believe it; but after a visit with the doctors, vials of blood work done, and my husband holding me in the bathroom floor… did we realize our worst fear has become our reality. 

  March 22, 2016 our sweet baby went to Heaven. It hurts my heart knowing he/she didn’t see mommy and daddy’s faces first… but it brings me peace and happiness knowing when he/she opened those little eyes, the face of Jesus was there. 

My husband and I wanted to wait until we were emotionally ready to let the world know about our sweet baby. We know we will be greeted by him/her when we get to heaven. Rest in peace our sweet angel baby Shellman. 

Xoxo – Em


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