Today marks 9 months of being Jordan’s wife! I have become a better woman since obtaining the title of “wife.” So in honor of our 9 month “marriage-versary,” here are 9 things I’ve learned the past 9 months:

  1. learning to love him                             After watching how he ticks for a few weeks, I noticed how I can show my love for him best. Touch & talk; he likes to be reminded on how much I love him. Just a simple kiss on the cheek can turn his day around. 
  2. respecting him                                   Every marriage needs respect. Respecting him boosts his self-esteem, just like it would for any man. When I respect him, he respects me. Just like the saying goes, “treat others the way you wish to be treated.”
  3. being trustworthy                                   He needs to know his spouse can be trusted. He has trusted me with his heart. I need to handle it with care. 
  4. making his burdens, my burdens             He needs someone who can be a listening ear. With his line of work, being in the Marine Corps, things can be emotionally draining. I’m here to hold his hand during the tough times. 
  5. be encouraging to him                 Everyone needs some encouragement from time to time. During his deployments, he needs daily encouragement, as do I. By God’s grace, I am blessed to be his daily encouragement. 
  6. forgiving him                           Forgiveness helps a marriage thrive. After a long day he may say something out of anger, just like me. I need to have a forgiving heart, just as he does, to keep our marriage thriving. 
  7. being compassionate                                  As his wife, I am called to show him compassion. To wipe his tears away and always pray for him. 
  8. staying a content wife                           There’s no need for complaining, although the both of us do it. Less talk and more prayer can keep our hearts content. We need to focus on things of the Lord and not things of this world. 
  9. be a praying wife                                          I feel this is the most important thing I’ve learned. God is in control, we need to fully trust His plan. Since I’m a military wife, things change within minutes. It causes stress on my husband, myself, and our marriage. Praying for my husband daily lowers our stress levels. We know that our Heavenly Father will never abandon us.  

Jordan makes me a better person. We try to keep God in the center of our marriage, and I feel that is why we have such a strong and happy marriage. It is all by the grace of God. 

I want to be a wife who shines the light of Jesus into my home. 

Xoxo, Em 



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