You learn that God’s plan can be different from your plan. I never really understood that until I experienced true heartbreak. 

I was 16 years old when I began having feelings for my first real boyfriend. We started out as good friends, but we both became aware that we had strong feelings for one another. I felt that this guy was “the one.” He was everything to me, but our relationship was toxic. Instead of looking to God, I looked to “him.” We acted as though God was the center of our relationship, but I think we both knew deep down that wasn’t true. 

We were together for almost 3 years when we broke up. Once we were separated, I started to see the things I was doing wrong. My heart was completely broken, but it took a tough breakup to show me I was idolizing “him.” God rescued me from that heartbreak. My relationship with God and my family grew so much during that time. I was finally truly happy for the first time. 

It’s been a year since the breakup and I am now married to the most amazing man! Once I made God first in my life, He opened doors I never thought would open. God’s plan is ALWAYS better than your own. I’m thankful that God has shown me so much grace, in all areas of my life. 

Next week I’ll be sharing the story of how my hubby and I came to be! 

Xoxo- Em


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